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Why is Terraseeding® Better Than Hydroseeding?

ground-coverings-truckBoth Terraseeding® and hydroseeding application techniques have the same goals with erosion control, beautification and overall lawn improvement being the primary benefits of these seeding treatments. However, while hydroseeding is a more well-known process, Terraseeding® has emerged as a more effective way to seed your soil.

Hydroseeding consists of a slurry of seed, fertilizer and water which is broadcasted over an area with a hydroseeding sprayer. The pros of this lawn treatment are its inexpensive price point. The cons include no improvement to the soil, it will not work on poor soil, seeds may wash away during heavy rain since they just lay on top of the ground, it may take four to eight weeks to see any germination from seeds, excessive amounts of water are required and there may be gaps in the growing area.

Terraseeding® is the material placement of organic soil with seed injected into it by a computerized calibration system. Placing the seed in a warm nutrient-based compost allows the seed to germinate quickly. Pros include that the seed is protected from severe weather, soil conditions are improved, the compost absorbs rainwater, there are no gaps in the growing area, it’s very effective on slopes and has sustainable and organic properties.

By offering advanced Terraseeding® technology, Cherokee Materials is able to provide our clients across the Southeast with innovative solutions for their material placement needs. To learn more about our wide array of lawn improvement services, get in touch with Cherokee Materials today. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and YouTube for a closer look into our latest projects.